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Databases Available

Building the database of national bibliography, the National Assembly Library plays the leading role in
establishing digital full texts.

Bibliographic DBs

(As of Dec. 31, 2017)

Bibliographic DBs
Classification Details No. of Titles Remarks
Books General Books Domestic and foreign books housed in the Library 1,499,324
Old and Rare Books Old and rare books housed in the Library 3,300
Seminar Materials Seminar materials housed in the Library 48,538
Overseas Korea-related Materials Overseas Korea-related materials housed in the Library 3,535
Master and Doctorate Theses Domestic master and doctorate theses since 1945 1,916,533
Journals Domestic Academic Articles Domestic academic articles since 1910 4,366,670
Overseas Academic Articles Overseas academic articles housed in the Library 1,158,597
Serials Journals Domestic and foreign serials housed in the Library 25,781
Newspapers Newspapers housed in the Library 1,610
Internet Resources Policy reports posted on websites of governments or public institutions 491,270
Foreign Law DB Original texts and translations of foreign laws 9,457
Reference Information DB Tables, graphs, organization charts, photos, maps, and summary tables contained in major books and materials 240,916
Non-Books Digital, audio, video, microform materials, maps and others 358,935
Total 10,124,466

Full-text DBs

Full-text DBs of books, theses and various indexes without the consent of the copyright owners cannot be accessed on the internet but be viewed only through the terminals at the National Assembly Library or other institutions which have agreements with the Library.

(As of Dec. 31, 2017)

Full text DBs
Classification No. of Volumes No. of Pages File Type Remarks
Books General Books 232,812 53,087,388 TIFF,PDF
Old and Rare Books 2,841 1,472,441 TIFF
Seminar Materials 48,473 3,798,076 TIFF,PDF
Overseas Korea-related Materials 3,535 538,373 TIFF
Master and Doctorate Theses 959,294 87,929,619 TIFF,PDF
Domestic Academic Articles 2,183,416 34,127,084 TIFF,PDF
Internet Resources 159,335 32,185,238 TIFF,PDF
Foreign Law DB 484,897 17,591,856 PDF
Reference Information DB 9,457 359,114 PDF
Non-Books 240,916 295,917 PDF
Discontinued Newspapers 10,011 162,446 TIFF,PDF
National Assembly Minutes 23,377 344,487 TIFF
Total 42,294 2,247,850

Full text Full-text DBs with Auditory Support

Table below shows the current status of National Assembly Library’s full-text DBs with auditory support.

(As of Dec. 31, 2017)

Full-text DBs with Auditory Support
Classification No. of Volumes No. of Volumes with Auditory Support Remarks
Books (General, Seminars) 281,285 0
Master and Doctorate Theses 959,294 4,400,658
Academic Articles 2,183,416 250,184
Internet Resources 159,335 234,139,889
Non-Books (Audio Books) 240,916 953,021
National Assembly Minutes 23,377 2,267,229
Total 3,847,623 242,010,981

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