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Overseas Korean Studies Libraries

Reference and Photocopy Services to Overseas Korean Studies Libraries

As a part of the "Collaborative Network with the National Assembly Library of the Republic of Korea and Overseas Korean Studies Libraries," the National Assembly Library (NAL) initiates "Reference and Photocopy Services" to Korean Studies libraries located in North America.

Upon the requests by Overseas Korean Studies librarians, the NAL provides them with photocopy and/or references services related to Korean Studies.

If your library is interested in receiving the services stated above, please send us with your information - name of institution, name of librarian, e-mail, phone no., Fax no., and mail address to e-mail : or phone No. : +82 02 788 4131

  • Object
  • The object of the Standards shall be to determine details of reference and photocopy services of the NAL’s collection to Overseas Korean Studies Libraries (OKSL).
  • Services
    1. 1) Reference Service: Provide with immediate and/or researched answers regarding Korean Studies
    2. 2) Photocopy Service: Photocopy the materials requested by OKSL
  • Users
  • Users are limited to librarians of OKSL. However, it may extend to East Asia librarians whereas the East Asia libraries perform the functions of Korean Studies libraries.
  • How to Request
  • Users may request the services by e-mail or Fax.
  • Copyright
  • Photocopy service is complying with the Copyright Act.
  • Limits to Photocopy Service
    1. Photocopy shall be prohibited to the following materials.
    2. 1) Confidential materials or Special Collection
    3. 2) Treasure materials including old and rare books
    4. 3) Oxidized books and newspapers
    5. However, photoduplication or microform materials of 2) and 3) are available.
  • Number of Request
  • Photocopy request allows 5 items at a time.
  • How to Provide
    1. 1) Reference service is provided by E-mail or Fax.
    2. 2) Photocopy service is provided by mail or Fax. Fax is limited to 20 pages at a time.
  • Costs
  • The NAL shall pay the costs of photocopying and shipping requested materials to OKSL from August 2008 to July 2009.
  • Request Process
    1. 1) Reference service shall be completed in two business days.
    2. 2) Photocopy service shall be completed in seven business days. The parties may, by mutual agreement, adjust process period.
  • Contact
  • Library Services Division is in charge of operating the reference and photocopy services.

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