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MARC data of Materials in Korean Language

  • Introduction
  • The National Assembly Library of the Republic of Korea prepared the MARC data of the exchange materials in Korean language that we sent to our exchange partners.
    We hope this information would be helpful to enhance the usability of the Korean materials in our exchange partners.

Details of the connected Information
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Details of the connected Information
Item no. Title Author Publisher Year ISBN/ISSN MARC
236 Transcultural Fandom and the Globalization of Hallyu 박길성, Nissim Otmazgin, Ke 고려대학교출판문화원 43774 9791190205146 View
235 The Questions and their Answers A New Look into the Korean State Examination System Jangseogak Archives of the Aca 한국학중앙연구원 43800 9791158665593 View
234 The King’s Mouthpiece = 후설 : 승정원일기 Ji-yung Kim 집문당 43666 9788930318266 View
233 The Culture and Thought of Koguryo The Northeast Asian History Fo Gong&Park 43617 9781635190113 View
232 The Bangudae Petroglyphs in Ulsan 국보 제285호 울산 반구대 암각화 Jeon Hotae, Rhee Hawoo, Park Y 한림출판 2019 9781565914926 View
230 Rewriting the Rules of the Korean Economy Won-Soon ParkByung You Cheon 서울연구원 43430 9791157003167 View
226 Our Korea : 시블리 부부의 한국 체류기 낸시 시블리 글누리 43474 9788970662435 View
224 Mobile Asia : Capitalisms, Value Chains and Mobile Telecommunication in Asia Joonkoo Lee 외 SNUPress(서울대학교출판문화원) 43322 9788952119865 View
223 Legislative System of Personal Information Protection in the South Korea IL HWAN KIM Tongbang Munhwasa 43556 9791189979027 View
220 Korean Insights Jeong Shik Kwak Yonsei University 43252 9788968502125 View

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