Digital Library Cooperation

Agreement on Mutual Cooperation

  • The Library promotes the sharing of knowledge and the narrowing of the digital divide under the Agreement on Mutual Cooperation, which it has signed with 3,203 organizations including colleges, public agencies, institutes and local parliaments (as of February 2020).
  • The organizations that are party to the agreement can access the National Assembly Digital Library’s fulltext database including around 270 million pages of information on agreement-signing agencies and linked information about expert organizations.

Knowledge-Sharing Campaign

  • The Library has obtained permission to digitize, manage, and share the valuable works of individuals and organizations nationwide and make them available to the public to enhance the value of knowledge for both copyright holders and users.
  • The Library promotes the knowledge-sharing campaign by concluding an agreement with agencies and establishing a cooperative and joint utilization system for sharing knowledge and information resources by archiving the produced materials.
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