MARC Data Service for Exchange Partners

The National Assembly Library of the Republic of Korea provides the MARC data of the exchange materials in Korean language that we sent to our exchange partners. We hope this information would be helpful to enhance the usability of the Korean materials in our exchange partners.

This table is a Details of the connected Information table and consists of Item no., Title, Author, Publisher, Year, ISBN/ISSN, MARC.
Item no. Title Author Publisher Year ISBN/ISSN MARC
2942 대법원판례집 = Collection of Supreme Court decisions. 제64권, [1-2](2016) - 법원도서관 - - View
2941 국회보 - 국회사무처 - 19757581 View
2940 국회도서관 = National Assembly Library - 국회도서관 - 2586027500278572 View
2939 국토연구 - 국토연구원 - 12298638 View
2938 국제지역연구 = 國際地域硏究 = Review of International and area studies - 서울대학교 국제학연구소 - 12267317 View
2937 국민계정리뷰 = Quarterly national accounts review - 한국은행 - 22337571 View
2936 교육경남 - 경상남도교육연구정보원 - - View
2935 (Weekly)공감 - 문화체육관광부 - - View
2934 경기종합지수 = Composite economic index - 통계청 - 12288071 View
2933 Quarterly Bulletin - The Bank of Korea - 19754914 View

How To Use

  • Our exchange partners may find the MARC data as below.

    • ① Searching by title, author, and ISBN/ISSN.
    • ② Browsing by the Exchange List No.(e.g., 2018-1)
    • ③ “Item no.” is the number of items appeared in the Exchange Lists.
  • When you click “View” in the “MARC” column, a separate page with the MARC data appears. You may copy & paste the data, or click the “MARC 내려받기” button to download the data in XML format.

  • If you need a help with specific titles which are not available in this page, please contact us.

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