Domestic Cooperation

Donation of Library Materials

Distribution of Publications

The Library distributes copies of its own publications to domestic and foreign libraries and institutions.

Book Donation

The Library donates duplicate or non-registered materials to libraries in culturally marginalized regions in order to reduce the culture gap and promote a culture of reading.

Cooperative Network on Legal Information

  • Strengthening the capability for providing support for the National Assembly’s legislative activities through the invigoration of legal information sharing and exchange between experts by establishing a collaborative network among state institutions handling legal information.
  • Main activities
    • The Korean Legal Information Council is operated to strengthen the network of cooperation among legal information agencies.
    • Academic conferences in conjunction with the Korea Institute of Legislation and the National Council of University Law Libraries in order to improve legal information services and strengthen academic information networks.
    • Development of curriculum and participation in courses in order to enhance exchange and cooperation, and broaden the expertise of legal experts.

Cooperative Network with Local Councils

  • An agreement has been concluded to support the legislative activities of local councils and build a cooperative network between the National Assembly and local councils.
  • Details : Sharing of legislative materials, provision of the National Assembly Library’s resources, construction of a cooperative network.
  • Statistics on Agreements Concluded with Local Councils : 92 metropolitan and provincial assemblies, and 17 district councils (as of February 2020).

Procedures (written protocol)

  • Submittal of an official request to the NAL

  • Consultation

  • Signing of the agreement and exchange of it

  • Follow-up


  • The Library runs a practical apprenticeship program for university students who are studying library and information science in order to enhance their competencies and qualifications as information professionals.
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