National Assembly Archives

Collecting records about legislative activities including public records and records about National Assembly members, political parties, etc. produced and collected by National Assembly offices including the Secretariat, for provision to those who need them.

Services provided by the National Assembly Archives website

  • National Assembly Records

    Catalogs and partly full-text records produced and received in the National Assembly during the following periods : Provisional Assembly - August 2004, 2014-2015

  • Provisional Assembly Digital Archive

    Yearbooks, theme collections, full view of records, and VR exhibitions

  • Introduction of the Main Record of the National Assembly

    44 cases, including ‘National Assembly’s Efforts to Solve Fine Dust Problems’

  • Oral Records

    Photos and films of past 41 important personnel, including National Assembly Speakers

  • National Assembly Chronology

    20,000 catalogs of chronological materials and 40,000 items of relevant Records

  • Special Committees

    532 catalogs about special committees and 6,000 items of relevant records

  • Cyber Exhibition

    6 records exhibitions including former National Assembly member Lee Jong Chan’s donation

Access to records

Service users : Public institutions including the National Assembly offices.

Information provided : Records kept by the National Assembly Archives.

How to request the service : In person or by official letter.

Inquiries 02-6788-4234

Request for Information Disclosure

  • Service users

    Locals : Service requester (including corporations and organizations) or their agents

    Foreign nationals :

    Users residing at a fixed address in the country; those staying in the country temporarily for the purpose of academic research

    Corporations and organizations with offices in the country

  • Information provided

    Records acquired and managed by the National Assembly Library

  • How to request for service

    Online : National Assembly Information Disclosure Portal (

    By Mail : Archives and Records Policy Division, National Assembly Archives, National Assembly Library, 1 Uisadang-daero, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul

    Fax : 02-6788-4059

    In person : Archives and Records Policy Division (Room 518-1, National Assembly Library)

  • Disclosure procedure

    The decisions on disclosure is made and communicated to the user within 10 days of the request as per Article 9 of the Official Information Disclosure Act.

  • Disclosure method

    Direct access; reproduced copies; e-file, etc.

  • Remarks

    Relevant service provided under the Official Information Disclosure Act.

Inquiries 02-6788-4234

Special Exhibition on Donated Records (Irregular)

Hosting of various exhibitions consisting of collections and donation records.

6 exhibitions including Hong Jin, Speaker of the Provisional Assembly, Memorial Exhibition

Inquiries 02-6788-4449
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