New Arrivals

New Law Books

Bibliographical data of newly arrived law books.

List of new law books uploaded to Library’s website each week.

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New Books

Information on new books acquired by the National Assembly Library and classified by subject matter and standing committees.

Table of contents for domestic books and abstracts for foreign books.

List of new books uploaded to Library’s website each week.

Inquiries 02-6788-4121

New Titles of the Week

New Titles of the Wee

Selection of new books about legislative issues.

Available on the Library’s website, e-bulletin board, and digital newspaper once a week.

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Weekly Book Review

Weekly Book Review

Expert commentary on new arrivals and classics.

Published and distributed once a week. Available on the Library’s website or on email.

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List of e-books related to legislation and policy among new arrivals.

Published and distributed once a month, and uploaded to the e-bulletin board of the National Assembly.

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Issues and Books

Providing relevant book information based on the selection of socially controversial topics.

Selected once per month and posted on the Library’s website.

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