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Welcome Message

Hyun Jin Kwon Picture

Welcome to the National Assembly Library.

The National Assembly Library was established to collect a wealth of information from around the world for delivery to members of the National Assembly and the general public. Its primary goal is to help promote democracy, enhance quality of life, preserve the intellectual heritage of mankind, and transmit that heritage to the next generation.

Established in 1952 with initially around 3,000 books and 1 librarian in Busan, the wartime capital city of South Korea, the National Assembly Library currently holds over 6.8 million books and provides 270 million pages of full-text databases through its digital library. The library stays open not only late night on weekdays but also weekends. By granting young people free access to the library and allowing personal books to be brought in, it has continued to expand its operations to provide maximum convenience to all types of users.

The National Assembly Library will continue to maintain its inherent roles in preserving data and securing access to it, sharing valuable cultural heritage by excavating and exhibiting parliamentary records with the public. In line with its status as the library of the future in terms of the high-tech information era, the National Assembly Library will execute changes and innovations as it takes a leap forward as a world-class library.

Your valuable attention and support would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Hyun Jin Kwon, Ph.D.

Chief Librarian

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