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Library Hours and Users

Opening Hours

Monday ~ Friday

09:00 ~ 22:00

Saturday & Sunday

09:00 ~ 17:00

※ Closed: National holidays and every 2nd and 4th Saturday

User's Qualification

  • Former or current National Assembly Members, staff of the National Assembly
  • Lifelong or Honorary Library Card holders
  • College students, anyone aged 18 or above
  • Junior high or high school students with the recommendation by the principal, librarian, or faculty who is in charge of library services of one's school
  • Unenrolled students aged 12 to 17 with the recommendation by an elected official (e.g. National Assembly Member, Superintendent of Education, A member of a board of education, Mayor) or a director of public library
  • Others by permission of NAL
  • Foreigners with passports or alien cards

Reading Rooms Available on Saturdays & Sundays

  • Current Collections Rm. #208
  • Digital Information Center 3F, Uijeonggwan
  • Master and Doctorate Theses Room Rm. #107
  • Periodical Room Rm. #524
  • Circulation Desk 1F, NAL Building
  • Dokdo/Unification Information Center 3F, Uijeonggwan

Visiting Procedure for foreigners

With an Alien Card

User registration (authenticate user) Confirmation of identity (ID submission) Issue of e-library card (daily or long-term library card) Entry (check at the entry gate)

With a Passport

Submit a passport (Information Desk) Issue of e-library card and ID/PW Entry (check at the entry gate)

※ Daily library card: Automatic Issuing Machine is available for the 2nd (or more) time visitor

Digital Entrance System

Digital entrance system is implemented by establishing user information DB and integrating IT equipments such as entry gate of antitheft device system, automated library card issuing machine, leave registration machine, etc. With this, the NAL has achieved improvements in entry process by integrating entry services, calculating entry statistics by users, and greatly simplifying entry processes.

Lifetime Library Card

Former and present Members of National Assembly are provided with lifetime library cards to facilitate their use of the libraries and resources.

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