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Mutual Visit Programs

Mutual Visit Programs with the National Diet Library of Japan

Since 2003, with the purpose of deepening mutual understanding of each other's legislative information service, the National Assembly Library of Korea and the National Diet Library of Japan have been engaging in interchange programs to exchange information and opinion. Every other year, two administrative staffs visit each others institution to hold joint seminar and share information on the legislative support business. Through these kind of staff communication, the relationship between the two National Assembly Library with common field of interest, ways to better provide legislative information service can be sought. In 2007, the National Assembly Library of Korea and National Diet Library of Japan concluded a agreement that the mutual visit program will be continued for 2 more years by extending the existing staff interchange agreement.

Mutual Visit Programs with Shanghai Library of China

Since 1998, the National Assembly Library of Korea and the Shanghai Library of China have been engaging in mutual communication through staff training every year and through human resources interchange information, material and technology are exchanged and furthermore as a government institution, not only the friendship between two libraries but between two countries are being promoted. The overall library operation such as NA Library's function and organization and legislative information support system is main program of the training and visit to the major institutions such as National Central Museum, Seoul National University Library, Kyujanggak and the Blue House and traditional cultural visit to Deoksugung and Korean Folk Village included in the program. For the same length of time, two staff of the National Assembly Library will be dispatched to the Shanghai Library of China for training. In 2006, the NA Library and Shanghai Library of China concluded an agreement that the mutual communication between staffs will be continued for 4 more years by extending existing staff interchange agreement.

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