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Since its opening in 1952, the National Assembly Library has effectively provided various data-based legislation and policy information as a parliamentary activity support organization by establishing full-text databases with 400 million pages. As a public knowledge and information support institution, we also provide vast amount of materials published at home and abroad for easier and more comfortable information access.

As you know well, the world is rapidly entering an intelligent information society in all areas, including politics, economy, society, and culture, in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This trend is also demanding major changes in the library’s role and function.

The National Assembly Library, with its experience, know-how and role in Korea's knowledge informatization, is actively responding to the changing demands by providing the best parliamentary and legal services using the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and big data. We will do our best to become a world-class library leading towards a better future.

The continued interest and support of the people will further promote the development of the National Assembly Library.

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Chief Librarian Lee Myung Woo

Lee Myung Woo
Chief Librarian


  • Ph.D. in North Korean Studies, Kyungnam University
  • M.A in Political Science, Kyungnam University
  • B.E. in Western History, Seoul National University

Career Highlights

  • Visiting Professor, Department of Political Science and Journalism, Pai Chai University
  • Senior Secretary for Political Affairs, Office of the Speaker of the National Assembly
  • Dean, Korea Polytechnic University Ulsan Campus
  • Policy Committee member, Hansun Foundation
  • Standing Auditor, Gyeonggi Housing and Urban Development Corporation
  • Visiting Scholar, Office of International Relations, Peking University
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