Collection in the Uijeonggwan

(As of February 2020)
This table is a Collection table and consists of Location, Details.
Location Details
Uijeong-gwan (Annex building) Stack 1st basement floor Asian books 1 (R) Approx. 747,400 books released between the years 2009 and 2017.
Reference stack Approx. 120,300 reference books published before 2005.
Asian books 1 (L) Approx. 43,300 books of 13 private collections donated by current and former National Assembly members.
Microform stack 16,363 rolls of microfilm, 311,299 sheets of microfiche, 733,412 items.
Sterilize One sterilizer that uses high-speed vaporization.
2nd basement floor Asian books 2 Approx. 830,400 Asian books published before 2008 and 99,700 seminar materials.
Newspapers About 61,800 bound books of metropolitan and local, foreign, and technical newspapers, and 30,000 UN materials.
Parliamentary materials About 154,400 books of parliamentary materials.
Legal materials About 40,200 books of legal materials.
Sujanggo (Treasure storage) 14,696 old books including documents of the Provisional Legislature of the Republic of Korea, 101 old maps, and 388 art works.
3rd basement floor Theses 1.66 million domestic and foreign theses published more than one year ago.
Periodicals / reference / newspapers About 308,200 periodicals published before 2010, and around 7,300 bound newspapers published after 2013.
Western books About 365,000 western books published before 2018.

Media Conversion

Digitization of valuable and rare books, Korea-related materials from overseas, discontinued newspapers, and materials those are difficult to use due to serious oxidation.

Digitized books are separately stored in boxes that prevent oxidation.

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