International Material Exchange

International Material Exchange of NAL

The National Assembly Library(NAL) of the Republic of Korea started international material exchange in the 1950s, soon after the establishment of the Library in 1952.

Through the international material exchange, the NAL collects materials of overall subjects and formats. In exchange, we send periodicals, monographs, and DVDs that could help understand Korea.

As of July 2020, the National Assembly Library is exchanging materials with 192 institutions of 49 countries all over the world. Our exchange partners include national libraries, parliamentary libraries, major university libraries and research institutes.

How to start International Material Exchange

  • Share the area of interest of both libraries

  • Exchange official letters of the Chief Librarian of both libraries

  • Start exchanging materials

Contact Information

Acquisition & Exchange Division The National Assembly Library

1 Uisadang-daero, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul 07233, The Republic of Korea
  • Tel : +82-2-6788-4219
  • Fax : +82-2-6788-4295
  • E-mail :


Updated July 2020
This table is a International Material Exchange Partners table and consists of Division, America, Asia, Oceania, Europe, Middle East & Africa, Total.
Division America Asia Oceania Europe Middle East & Africa Total
Institution 28 111 2 45 6 192
Country 4 16 1 22 6 49


The Library of Congress (U.S.A)

University of Hawaii at Manoa Library (U.S.A)

Cheng Yu Tung East Asian Library, University of Toronto (Canada)

Total 28 institutions


National Diet Library (Japan)

National Library of China (People's Republec of China)

National Central Library (Taiwan)

Total 111 institutions


Department of the Parliamentary Library(Australia)

Total 2 institutions


The British Library (United kingdom)

Berlin State Library (Germany)

Russian State Library (Russia)

Total 45 institutions

Middle East & Africa6

National Library and Archives of Egypt (Egypt)

Total 6 institutions

Cooperations with International Organizations and Associations

The National Assembly Library collects materials of 10 international organizations as a depository library, and also collects materials of 5 international associations as an institutional member.

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