Legal Deposit

Local publications including books and non-book materials are legally deposited in accordance with Article 7 of the National Assembly Library Act.

Inquiries 02-6788-4322 (books), 4218 (periodicals), 4202 (non-book materials)

Collections of publications made by government agencies, local authorities, public institutions and research institutes are deposited.

Inquiries 02-6788-4257

※ Acquisitions related to legislative activities

Collection of parliamentary reports, policy materials, and National Assembly members’ publications.

Collection of materials related to regular and extraordinary sessions of the National Assembly and confirmation hearings.

Inquiries 02-6788-4372


Materials purchased by the National Assembly Library include those required for legislative activities and the deliberation of state affairs, and others related to policies and legislative agendas published by foreign countries or requested by users.

Inquiries 02-6788-4217 (books), 4218 (periodicals), 4202 (non-book materials)


Collection of materials provided free of charge by individuals or organizations.

Inquiries 02-6788-4257


Collection of materials through exchanges with parliaments, national libraries, university libraries and academic research institutes around the world.

As a designated depository library, we collect international organization publications including those of the UN.

Inquiries 02-6788-4219
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